Saturday, June 6, 2009

First week of June

Some standard technical indicators with added emphasis on the period when the SPX was below the 5 year Bollinger Band. I view this period as highly significant and as extremely rare (by definition). As a result most indicators have also been out-of-limit causing most market watchers to draw incorrect conclusions. We are just now seeing the market trade inside the Bollinger Bands and the indicators are skewed because it took so long for this to occur. I would continue to watch out for short term oversold indications but remembering this:

Where we are in the market cycle should be viewed as only ONE monthly bar off the bottom (May) all pullbacks should be treated as buying opportunities.

The short term cycles, including the fibonacci counts, point to the period of June 21, give or take a few days. Around that time I would expect the direction of the market to reverse strongly. If it's declining into the June 21st period, it should be a low.

SPX Weekly & Bullish Percent Indicator
Pinkish bars are the weekly ranges.
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SPX Daily and the ARMs Index.
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