Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weekend Wrapup

It's not every week you see a 19% range in the SPX, it's a good thing too. This was one ugly week for the markets. Despite a strong rally on Friday afternoon the SPX finished down 12.7% from its high late in the day on 11/14. On a closing basis the weekly loss was a bit over 8%, any way you cut it, it was a lousy week.

SPX 65 minute chart
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DJIA Daily Chart with Cycles
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SPX Daily Chart with Elliot Wave Count
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This is an extreme market, the psychology which is the basis for Elliot Wave Counts will be extreme. Therefore, I believe the simplest count will be the correct one. The last leg down may need one more yellow dot to complete, this could happen Monday or Tuesday as a result of option positions unwinding.

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